Information about Seafully

How it works


1.  Create your listing

It's free and easy to create your listing on Seafully.

Describe your product or services, how your business operates, your crew and practices, add photos, videos, and details.  It only takes a few minutes to set up or edit your listings.

The price you charge for your products and services is completely up to you.
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2.  Bond with your customers

Communicate with customers during all phases of the sale process and before delivering products by messaging them from your profile.

People want your seafood and fish services and now they know where to find you.

Imagine the excitement as new sales come in from your listings.  Get Started Now...

3.  Get paid

Seafully's secure payment system puts the money right into your bank account directly.

Customers are charged when your product or service is ordered, and you get paid automatically once you make a sale, Seafully's transaction fee is just 3.8%. Learn More...

You get money paid via direct deposit.  It's simple.  Start Selling in Minutes!

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